Foundations of Good Design

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Participants will be introduced to key aspects of anois ’s Foundations of Good Design, including the need to take an holistic , systems and strategic approach that aligns key Sustainability criteria for planet and people. The pilot will enable participants to lay the foundations for incorporating many different criteria into their design process and design briefs. These can be used to differentiate between different aspects of Good Design, including, Designing for Nature, Humans and Equitability, Circular Design and Regenerative Design, as well as Sufficiency and Future proofing by Design

Mode of learning

An innovative series of 8 short videos will initially be developed and delivered though a variety of social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube . Participants will have full flexibility to watch individual videos or the whole series, which will be tied together into a single playlist on YouTube. This innovative and flexible approach will ensure longevity of the pilot following completion of the project. These short videos have been developed to complement the alternative pilots delivered by project partners, which include long form videos, blended learning and formal educational programs. Additional videos can be added in the future, as each of the Seven Good Design Principle can be explored individually through additional short videos which can be developed and released at a later stage , targeting areas of high demand . By releasing the initial eight videos, anois will gain insight into the suitability and interest in this new training delivery approach. Especially when many people have limited attention spans and limited time to take part in formalized or long form training programs

Video Lessons

Video 1: Foundations of Good Design by anois

Video 2: Design is Nature

Video 3: Good Design is Human

Video 4: Good Design is Equitable

Video 5: Good Design is Circular

Video 6: Good Design is Regenerative

Video 7: Good Design is Sufficency

Video 8: Good Design is Future Proof

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